What is Nutrition Month 2013?

Nutrition Month 2013

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March is National Nutrition Month and this year’s theme is “Best Food Forward: Plan Shop Cook Enjoy!” Healthy eating begins in the grocery store, as this is where we purchase most of our food. However, this is also where we are bombarded with thousands of choices.

Nutrition Month 2013 is dedicated to serving up practical advice on navigating the grocery store from Registered Dietitians, the food and nutrition experts.

Are you…

Overwhelmed by towering aisles of packaged food products?
Teased by the aroma of bakery treats?
Checking prices?
Get seven helpful tips about how to put healthier choices in your grocery cart.

This year we have prepared a fun and interactive website for you!
> Check out our website at https://nutritionmonth2013.wordpress.com/


Interactive Events & Information Available

Lunch & Learn with Nutrition Coach Edie Shaw-Ewald
“Best Food Forward – Plan, Shop, Cook, Enjoy!”
Come and learn some meal planning techniques to help you take the first steps towards healthier eating!
Thursday, March 7th from 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
The Royal Bank Theatre
Snacks, Coffee and Tea provided. Bring your Lunch!

Nutrition Month Scavenger Hunt
Responses Due March 29th
Ballot Boxes Located Beside Nutrition Month Posters at All Sites
Complete this simple hunt, put you answers on a ballot and enter for a chance to win a beautiful gift basket!
Gift Basket includes gift cards and more!

National Dietitian’s Day
March 20th, 2013
Thank a Dietitian Today!
Check out our slide show in your cafeteria and interesting profiles online to learn more about what a Dietitian does!

Other Exciting things to come from Nutrition Month:
> Couponing 101 Handout for your Saving Pleasure
> 7 Helpful Hints when Grocery Shopping Flyer
> Wallet-sized Label Reading Card for your Convenience
> and so much more!

Check out our posters at each site starting March 1st for more information!

Remember, “Best Food Forward: Plan Shop Cook Enjoy!”
|   https://nutritionmonth2013.wordpress.com/   |

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